Realizing an ecological, social and profitable world

We at Fair World are passionate about linking people, cultures, initiatives and organizations to realize cooperation that is beneficial for all.


We provide services, support and management in the fields of:

  • International cooperation
  • Responsible business
  • Energy transition
  • Human rights
  • Democratic societies
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Public affairs, communication and branding

Current highlight program: Support the earth’s guardians to realize sustainability


Areas we are active in

Indigenous peoples/North American Indians & sustainability


  • Supporting the earth’s guardians to realize sustainability
  • Promoting political and cultural self-determination

Corporate Social Responsibility


Human rights & democracy

IMG_2973 (2)

  • Observing elections
  • Democracy training

Location branding


  • How to position countries and cities in a globalized world

Public-private partnerships

  • Connecting trade and aid

Sustainable business development in emerging markets


  • Business consultancy China, Brazil and other markets