Support the earth’s guardians to realize sustainability

“Renewable energy is a modern way to honor the traditional ways.” Henry Red Cloud, Lakota Solar Warrior and great great grandson of the legendary chief Red Cloud.


Native American Indians after Standing Rock
Last year the world witnessed how Lakota (Sioux) Indians from Standing Rock protested against the construction of an oil pipeline through their lands. They stood up against the threat to their drinking water and the demolition of ancient graves. But there was more. According to the traditional Indian philosophy one shouldn’t dig into your Mother’s belly and for sure you shouldn’t extract minerals from it.

Finally that vision of living in balance with the Earth is now resonating all over the world. According to the Lakota, climate change and extreme weather are signs that Mother Earth is under attack. American Indians as guardians of the creation are taking action now. Against pollution and for nature preservation and energy transition.

Meanwhile the oil pipeline has been constructed, but the Lakota are continuing the struggle. Mainly by implementing concrete sustainability projects on their reservations. New ideas and technologies are being developed, based on traditional Indian philosophy. However, that is very difficult in areas that are the poorest in North America. Unemployment rates hit 70-80% on the Lakota reservations with per capita income equaling the African average.

The world saw how Lakota Indians resisted the Dakota Access pipeline. Support was received form all over. Now the world can see how these same people are actively working on creative solutions to protect Mother Earth and implement sustainable transition in Indian Country. Again they are asking for support from the world.

Financial support to sustainability projects with the guardians of the Earth. These are local initiatives initiated by Lakota Indians in the field of energy, living and healthy food. These projects deliver:

  • Ecological capital: reduction CO2 mocassin-print, halt deforestation, restoration ecological balance
  • Social capital: health, employment, decent housing, knowledge, entrepreneurship
  • Inspiration: hope, a sense of perspective, recovery of pride of the Lakota values

We have the right contacts in Lakota land and link funders to the American Indian leaders of sustainable change and their projects, such as:

  1. Solar Warrior
  2. Sustainable and spiritual housing
  3. Organic food