Which projects and who are the American Indian leaders of sustainable change?

solar-warrior-childrenFastfood is cheap and easily available on Indian reservations. Industrial agriculture has suppressed traditional production. Obesitas and diabetes are now epidemic. But people like the famous Lakota grandmother Madonna Thunder Hawk are developing projects to grow indigenous crops in a biological way, like this demonstration farm and small scale greenhouses for Lakota families. “When I was young there was no word for organic. Everything was organic. Fast food chains and big corporations have changed that.”

Funding needed:
€ 1.000/family green house; demonstration farm € 10.000.

Donations in the startup and demonstration stage and social impact investments in the scaling stage. Project scan be scaled to reach around 100.000 Lakota spread over a number of reservations. Additionally projects can be extended towards other American Indian peoples, such as the Navajo in Arizona. Next to ecological and social returns, investments can also realize long-term sustainable profit.

Yes, I support Lakota sustainability!