Which projects and who are the American Indian leaders of sustainable change?

Red Cloud zonnepaneel-1

Henry Red Cloud founded Lakota Solar Enterprise and developed a solar heater that can help Lakota families survive the severe prairie winters in a sustainable way. Propane bottles and logging can soon be overcome. The solar heaters are manufactured on the reservation and thus provide local employment. By linking the heaters to solar panels, electricity is not needed (20% of Lakota households are off grid).

Funding needed:
€ 2.500/household; return on investment via energy costs savings: 5 years

Donations in the startup and demonstration stage and social impact investments in the scaling stage. Project scan be scaled to reach around 100.000 Lakota spread over a number of reservations. Additionally projects can be extended towards other American Indian peoples, such as the Navajo in Arizona. Next to ecological and social returns, investments can also realize long-term sustainable profit.

Yes, I support Lakota sustainability.