Realizing a Fair World

June 2018

Traveling in Indian Country

How best to experience Native American Indian culture in North America? Visit and join in a powwow. See article in Volkskrant Magazine with Do’s & Dont’s and some recommendations, 8 June 2018 (in Dutch).

Kop artikel Volkskrant Magazine

May 2018

From oil pipeline to solar solutions: Supporting Lakota sustainability

“You can support our continuing struggle by making the transition to renewable energies and by funding sustainable initiatives by Lakota people at our reservations,” said Brandon Mauai, member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council, while visiting The Netherlands, April 2018. We took up the challenge and developed a program of sustainable projects in the fields of energy, housing and food.

Lakota jochie

December 2015


Talking about fair clothing or sustainable textile is not enough. Specifically after the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 in Bangladesh we know that we have to act and improve the conditions in garment factories and sweat shops. We provide trainings that have already uplifted safety for thousands of workers in Bangladeshi factories. But we are not done yet.


Canoes with indigenous protesters floated the Seine river during the COP21 Climate Conference, December 2015. Indigenous peoples are the traditional caretakers of Mother Earth, but also in the frontline confronted with the consequences of climate change. We support both indigenous peoples’ rights as well as initiatves to stop climate change. See article by one of our Directors in the Dutch daily de Volkskrant.


China’s economy is emerging and providing many opportunities for cooperation, but at the same time creating risks and appears unpredictable. We have the knowledge and the netwroks to engage in a way that provides mutual benefits. See the book written by one of our Directors.

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